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I am Matheus Campos, a professional photographer (registered in Brazil DRT nº 0050942/SP) and I am Brazilian and Italian.

Born and raised in a family completely from the Exact Sciences Area , I have always enjoyed drawing, photographing, listening to music and watching films - mostly cartoons.

I am graduated in Radio, Television and Multimedia and I had a two years as a videographer and editor at the RTV Department of the UNICAMP, where I also completed the course of University Extension in "Language of Photography and Audiovisual".


Born in Campinas, in São Paulo/Brazil, I have an international experience, where I made cultural interchange in Toronto (Canada), Washington DC (USA) and Lucca (Italy), what taught me about different thoughts and lifestyles, and was so important to my professional career. 

Photography has become a way of life, and since 2011 it has provided me with countless good things, where in 2016, with a developed and trained vision over the years, I decided to become professional and opened my own company to work exclusively with photography.

In March 2017 I was invited to go to Italy, for two races of the Italian Rally Championship (C.I.WRC 2017).

Photographic solutions for the segments:

- Food and Drinks;

- Architecture and Projects; 

- Weddings;

- Business, Social and Sports Events; 

- Children's parties, 15 years and adults parties; 

- Concerts and Presentations; 

- Baptism and 1st Communion; 

- Products.

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